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UPMC/Air Force Digital Pathology Initiatives


UPMC/Air Force Digital Pathology Initiatives

CLICK HERE for IMITS documents, presentations, etc.

UPMC Innovative Medical and Information Technologies Center (IMITs) Projects:

Project 1: Create a WSI-Based Educational Slide/Image Collection
Summary – This project will facilitate the creation of an educational database with the potential to expand AFMS pathologists’ knowledge of pathology and the use and potential of telepathology tools, equipment and technology.

Project 2: Conduct WSI-Based Inter-Facility Quality Assurance (QA)
Summary – This project extends the 04 IMITS Telepathology QA Study being conducted at UPMC to include members of the Air Force network of pathologists. The goal of this project is to determine the utility of inter-facility QA-based WSI technology. Inter-facility WSI QA may allow for more cost effective, higher quality QA procedures in the Air Force system. Please CLICK HERE to participate.

Project 3: Compare Robotic Microscopy with WSI for Real Time Consultations
Summary – The goal of this project is to determine the utility of robotic microscopy compared with rapid WSI for real time consultation in the Air Force.

  • Robotic vs WSI.mdb
  • ROBOTIC VS WSI_13967.mdb
  • ROBOTIC VS WSI_14833_complete.mdb
  • ROBOTIC VS WSI_34700.mdb
  • ROBOTIC VS WSI_38847.mdb
  • ROBOTIC VS WSI_95090_complete.mdb
  • User Manual.pdf
  • All files in a ZIP

    Project 4: Promote Telepathology Champions in the Air Force
    Summary – The goal of this project is to develop a core group of telepathology champions within the AFMS who can help build and shape the long-term strategy of the USAF.

    Project 5: Enhance Visibility of Telepathology within the Air Force
    Summary – This project will leverage the core telepathology champions identified in Project 4 to raise the level of awareness and understanding of telepathology and help facilitate its incorporation into the USAF.

    Project 6: Strategize Development of Telepathology in the Air Force
    Summary – This project will identify commands, offices and other agencies that can support telepathology both within the USAF and DoD, processes and problems to which telepathology can be applied and long-term strategic trends in the USAF that would benefit from telepathology.

    Project 7: Establish an Annual Symposium on Telepathology
    Summary – This gathering of experts and those interested in telepathology will help share knowledge, expertise, and lessons learned.

    Project 8: Support Air Force Initiative to Achieve DoD Information Technology Security Certification & Accreditation Process (DITSCAP) Accreditation for Aperio:
    Summary – The Air Force will pursue information systems security accreditation for the Aperio WSI instrument. UPMC will support and advise this effort.

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