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UPMC Innovative Medical and Information Technologies Center (IMITs) Projects:

Project 2: Conduct WSI-Based Inter-Facility Quality Assurance (QA)

The University of Pittsburgh is conducting an evaluation study with the United States Air Force Medical Service that validates the use of WSI as a useful technology for inter- and intra-facility Quality Assurance purposes. The study has the following aims:

  • Validate the use of WSI in QA settings
  • Can images provide adequate information for QA?
  • Analyze inter- and intra-facility QA
  • Monitor acceptance and utility of WSI for QA procedures
The Evaluation Team at the University of Pittsburgh invites both UPMC and Air Force Pathologists to participate in this study. Without your feedback and participation, proper validation cannot occur.

If you are interested in the study, please download the following ZIP file, (file size ~28mb). It contains the database that will collect your information and the database directions. Once downloaded open the database, read the directions, and continue through the study. We greatly appreciate your time and effort towards this project.

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